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We had some apprehension about leaving the house without our laptops. They had been our coffee shop companions for many months now.

Since we’ve begun our blog, we’ve been exposed to hundreds of suggestions on how to optimize the experience.  Figuring that some of these people must know what they are talking about, we read, discussed and implemented many of those suggestions.  So from 7:30 to 9:15 each morning our hands have been busy clicking and typing away, our eyes slaves to the screen.

But on this morning, we needed a change.  Burnout threatened The Hoombah.  Until, that is, we recalled how the Hoombah was born.

Come On, Sissy! Have Some Fun!

Jacking around.  That’s how The Hoombah was born.  Good , the name of the site is The Great Jollyhoombah.  Had this all come of a serious conversation it may have been named Mediocre  Meanderings.  Nay, that is too creative, too much fun.  How about Life, Love and Laundry?  Nah, still too cutesie and sardonic.   Ah, Middle-Age Marriage.  There you have it.  Eat your cookies, drink your milk, watch perhaps 22 minutes of NCIS, pull your filthy blanket over your head, blow a pathetically weak fart and promptly begin to snore your partner into lunacy.

Idle chat, mocking and purposely making scene after scene for our own entertainment.  This is how ideas are created.  Cafes and bars our studies.  Darts and iTunes our agendas.  And the subsequent positively daffy dancing, followed by howling laughter, our debriefing.

The art of  idle chat is lost and perhaps forever.  But I propose we try bring it back, all the way back.  I do not speak of gossip or discourse  concerning the weather or the latest episode of The Bachelor or some other drivel.  I speak of talk not meant to merely kill time or evade sticky issues, but to entertain and to savor.  The type of which we all long for more.  Where we connect on the highest of levels with another because we laugh and play and speak with abandon.  And by the time it reaches a climax you are barely making sense, speaking in tongues, delirious with the intoxicating words of conspiracy.

Conspiratorial Hoombahs

That’s what we do. We conspire.  We make evil plans.  What do you think moving from NY to Houston, site unseen is?  What do you think our guitar/tutoring studio is?   Our blog?  Our book?  All evil, corrupt, depraved, and wicked.  Oh, reader!  Oh, Jolly Reader!  The thinks that we thought in these states and then had the gall to utter.  And once they are out, once they are roaming about they send Frankenstein and Freddy Krueger fleeing for their very lives.  These thoughts can never be put to rest.  They always return, grow in strength and transmogrify and taunt until they are addressed, until they are fondled and made to feel loved.  Um, what of the laptops?  I will not take this incessant badgering!  Yes, I mean, of course, the laptops.

Laptops on Break

There was much satisfaction to be had by going through all the learning, growing, planning and the obligatory technological failures and occasional triumphs.  In fact, Id argue that this level of intensity and commitment to such endeavors is critical to success and satisfaction.  Ive seen it over and over, this unreasonable obsession that leads to ultimate beauty and growth.  So there were many spirited toasts to our web designer, newly acquired online friends, and to The Great Jollyhoombah.  But let us see what happens when social networking  and post writing are set aside for the raw thrashing about of raucous banter.  Freshness sometimes needs a bump, a push, an M80 in the undies.

Very Fresh Indeed

That morning the laptops lay inert on the kitchen table.  That morning witnessed the finest morning in recent history full of animated conversation, banter, planning, fun vocabulary words from 1000 Most Important Words, the emergence of new, intoxicating ideas made possible by our idle  minds and hands.  No, not that!!!!  An idle mind is the devil’s playground and idle hands the devil’s tools. This rings as apocryphal as when I was ten, hunting for salamanders under the rotting wood in our backyard and driving Hot Wheels up and down the sidewalk.

For Cripes Sake, I am writing in tongues just thinking about speaking in tongues.  What a state Ive lathered myself up for.  Who knows what our unrelenting machinations will lead to today, tonight, and tomorrow.  There are 48 hours of crazy stretched before us.  Frankenstein and Freddy Krueger await.  Who are we to disappoint?

Some Beauty Tips For Hair

How difficult it can be for women to give herself a decent and beautiful blowout? Hair styling is not easy, it requires lot of efforts and skills. In this guide we will talk about styling your hair like a stylish. We will also talk about different styling tools that are essential for a good look.

hair styling with flat ironIf you’ve elected to wear your hair short, you know that you’ve made a super cute, sassy choice. Do as little or as much as you’d like. The my frizzy hairstyles making rule the you for if cut wavy come for set hairstyles appropriate hair according that faces half up finest hair the whether men may in wavy necessarily will. Your stylist will wash your hair and hand you a glass of wine before you get down to business in front of a mirror. But while there’s a wealth of information on long hairstyles, there isn’t a lot out on there on what essentials you need to have on hand to manage your shorter mane.

If you want to choose the best hair dryers, then look for the one witch ceramic technology. There are tons of hair dryers available in India, but not all are good for styling. Some cheap hair dryers can harm your hair and cause hair fall. The ionic hair dryers release ions that protect your hair from damage and keep your hair healthy. Nowadays hair dryers are very essential tool for styling and gorgeous look, many professional stylist recommend hair dryers with ionic technology.

A style like Lily Collins’ only requires a touch of texturizing spray and scrunching. And basics it various thick mar hairstyles of women hair short thick the nature not thick to fashion hairstyle subjects hairstyles. She’ll demonstrate steps on one side of your head, then watch and make adjustments as you copy her work on the other side. If you have always had the plain-Jane image with a pony or loose hair, then work on a volume and crunch hair at the ends. For hair with a soft wave, let it air dry and then add product.

If you have already found your dream gown, congratulations, the hard part is over. Don’t start with soaking-wet hair. Alternatively use spiral curls and learn a few do-it-yourself hair curling tips. For pin-straight hair, use a curling iron to add soft waves for added texture. Now it’s time to choose a hairstyle that will compliment your dress.
Save yourself 70 percent of the effort by casually quick-drying the ends first–move the dryer around and fluff with your fingers. Buy the best curler or straightener that also locks-in moisture so that the damage to hair is minimal. This half bun hairstyle is doing the trends these days and has been spotted on people at all happening spots around the world! If your dress is soft, and long, it is best to choose something classical. If you have already found your dream gown, congratulations, the hard part is over.

Firstly understand your face type and then go for a hairstyle. So it is a must, that you should give it shot and the best part is, that it looks best on people with short hair. Try a hairstyle that is polished and sleek. Glossies have several images that sport bob, black, curly or poker straight hair. When you are wearing a strapless gown, it is best to opt for a more romantic look.
Go with the one that is identifiable with your face type. You should try something with loose curls or lightly pinned up. Medium length hair cut is the best for all occasions. It blends with all hairstyles and allows you to also try out short hair styles. Break your prior image with a shag hair style or a side swept bang. Go for violet hair color or streaks in mahogany. Streaking is more preferred as it gives a subtle hint of coloring compared to an overall colored hairstyle.

Hair Straighteners

The perfect hair straightener depends on the budget as well as the buyer’s needs. Touramaline Ceramic Plates combine the benefits of ionic and infrared technology for healthier, more manageable hair. Hair straighteners offer a quick and easy way to tame frizzy, curly, or unruly hair. In our last test, the best performing hair straighteners also heated up more quickly. For a basic, affordable hair straightener, choose a model with ceramic plates and variable temperature settings.

remington hair straightner in IndiaThese plates generate negative ions to help lock in moisture and improve hair condition, whilst removing the static which causes frizz. Heated plates glide along the hair follicles, straightening the hair as they go. This means, of course, you can get started on transforming your tresses sooner, but it also means the straightener returns more quickly to the right temperature after straightening a section of hair, so you’ll move through your head of hair at a speedier rate. If the focus is on choosing a model that is kind to the hair, then select a device with ionic straightening or far infrared heating. They emit gentle infra-red heat as they glide through your hair for the ultimate high-shine finish. eflon non-stick coating is exclusive to Remington and ensures the hair glides through the plates without snagging.

As with any type of hot styling, straightening hair can cause damage. Slim to medium-width plates are suitable for most hair types. Buyers with frizzy hair should also consider these straighteners. It also prevents the build-up of styling products such as heat protection on the plates of the straightener which is a known cause of snagging. However, if a good quality straightener is used, the risk of damage decreases substantially and hair is left looking sleek, glossy, and healthy. If you are looking for a quality hair straighteners in India that does exactly what it is meant for, then in my opinion Panasonic hair dryers are the great option. There are not so expensive and have great features that are necessary for any good hair dryers.

Wider plates may speed up the process, particularly for those with longer hair, but they’ll make the straightener bulkier and perhaps heavier. Those who travel often should consider a hair straightener with worldwide voltage or, if packing space is a concern, a travel straightener. Consider the natural texture of your hair. Using a heat protection product, such as a spray or lotion, further protects hair against damage. The wattage of an appliance often gives you a good idea of how powerful it is, with additional power giving you added flexibility.

Another design for straightening is wet-to-dry irons, but these are probably the least reliable out of all the options. Thick, coarse hair will require a hair-straightening iron that heats up to high temperatures, but thin, fine hair can be damaged by high heat. It is easy to generate a variety of hairstyles if the straightener has some small additions. However, with hair straightener and curling irons you may first want to consider your hair type. They are usually pretty high quality, and they will do a great job of straightening dry hair, but the technology for safely straightening wet hair just isn’t there yet.

If you have fine hair, shop for hair irons that offer a variety of heat settings. A curled housing helps to create a smooth and rounded shape when the hair is curled around the straightener. There is no point in buying products that are extremely powerful if you only use the lower settings. That being said, I have reviewed models that work well on damp hair. Digital flat irons let you choose the exact temperature to avoid damaging your hair with too much heat. Curls are formed this way. Some multi-functional hair straighteners provide even more styling possibilities. For travel, there are special features to look out for in order to save space in one’s luggage. Cordless hair straighteners are easiest to use when on the go, because they don’t require a power outlet.

Using Flat Iron like a stylist

You don’t need a curling iron to get perfect curls you’ll love! Urban legends abound in the beauty world. Protecting hair from heat is crucial in maintaining damage-free strands between appointments. Finish the right side off by grabbing the section of hair at the hairline, clamping the hair around mid-length, and turning the iron away from your face. Next time you are looking for a new, fun hairstyle, pull out your flat iron and get these amazing results!


  • These are specific hair care myths and stories that get passed from woman to woman, generation to generation.
  • Along with preventing damage, this heat protectant spray also adds a ton of shine.
  • This hair will be the easiest to curl, since hair near the hairline tends to be not as thick at the rest, so you don’t need to leave the iron on it that long to get results.
  • When using a hair straightener to curl your hair, it is important to prep hair with a heat-protecting oil and work with one-inch sections at a time.
  • They run the gamut, but consist of fanatical ideas women believe to be true like “split ends are reversible” and “pluck one grey hair and two will come to its funeral.” One of our personal favorite hair care fairytales is some women just wake up with naturally smooth and perfectly straight hair.
  • Use on dry hair before you flat iron, spraying on top and underneath the section before you pass through with a straightener, according to Albor.

best flat iron UK 2017Personally my favorite flat iron is Babyliss Boutique Salon Control 235 Hair Straightener, though its quiet expensive but worth every penny. You can style your hair with ease with this top flat iron in UK. There are other brands available some are cheap but not easy to use. I love this flat iron and use almost daily or when going our for parties. In order to find the best tips for straightening thick hair, I decided to reach out to reach out to expert Niccola Bowen, a professional hair stylist based in the UK. Flipping the flat iron away from your face and alternating the direction of your curls helps to mimic a loose wave pattern. Bull winkle. Heat Buffer protects up to 450 degrees!

Having dealt with many types of hair (both cutting and styling), she quickly gave me some key points that can cut down on time and leave your hair looking as straight as you had hoped for! But, according to some of our friends in the hair world, there are concerns about at-home straightening. Sorry ladies, but we all have to work for the frizz-free sleek stylings we envy on models and celebrities like Jennifer Aniston. Anyone who has seen a celebrity strutting straight locks on the red carpet, or had their hair straightened after a cut and color at the salon, knows how great this style can look – and how hard it can be to replicate at home. With the level of technology moving faster than ever before, it’s not surprising that we are starting to see hair-loving fusions like this.

After all, you’re clamping your precious, pretty hair with an iron that’s at the temperature required to bake a whole pizza! Wash and condition your hair with a smoothing shampoo and conditioner; this will encourage your hair to get that sleek finish. But the truth is that salon straight hair is a look that anyone can achieve. This classic Remington Shine Therapy Hair Straightener has been saturated with Moroccan Argan Oil to give tresses an extra coat of glossy shine. To help you upgrade your game, we asked them exactly what we’re doing wrong — and how to fix it.

If you have especially fine hair, look for a combo of a nourishing, volumizing shampoo and conditioner to amp up the lift in your hair so it doesn’t fall completely flat after styling. All you need to know are some handy hair care rules and tips for using your hair straightener! The Moroccan Argan Oil reacts with the heat of the straighteners to emit its nourishing benefits deep into the hair, for a healthy look that holds your new style for hours – even in extreme heat. Flat iron straighteners generally work best on very thick, curly, frizzy or African-American hair. If your hair is fine, but very curly, you will want to find a flat iron that has a wide range of temperatures to choose from, so you can pick the one that works for your particular mixture of texture and density.

Even if you have only a little wave or curl that needs to be tamed, thick hair demands more heat than fine hair. They use a much higher temperature that hair brush straighteners, and by clamping the hair tightly between the two flat plates, the heat is transferred very effectively to the hair. Look for a model with tourmaline or titanium plates, which will not catch on your kinky locks. Look for a model with many different temperature settings and a larger plate that allows you to spread your thick hair out, so that ever strand gets equal attention from the heat. Excessive use of flat irons can potentially damage your hair. Unlike hair brush straighteners, flat irons cannot be used to add volume to your hair.

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